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Yield Bearing Stable Indexcoin

Passive stablecoin yields. Get the most out of your stablecoins.

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Optimal Yield Simplified

$CASH by provides the ability to put your trusted stables to work by supplying them to low risk yielding strategies. With the use of our balancing engine, we are able to consistently rebalance our collaterals to achieve the optimal yield to exposure ratio. This enables the ability to maximize your yield without the hassle of constantly swapping and farming your assets throughout the day.



Strategies used

StargateStake DaoAaveBeefyCurve

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Trailing 7d APY

No Lock Needed

You are free to spend or pair CASH with any token while still receiving passive yield.

Past rates are not an indicator of future returns which may vary based on market conditions.


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10.00% APY

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Deposit Amount

approx. 1,000.00 $CASH

Projected 2 years interest


Calculated based on the current $CASH price of $1.00

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Annual Percentage Yield (APY) as of Apr 05 2023. APY may change at any before or after funds deposited. This calculator is for illustrative purposes only and may not apply to your individual circumstances. Calculated values assume that principal and interest remain on deposit and are rounded to the nearest dollar. All APY’s are subject to change.

Earn passively with
full control

$CASH grows in your wallet while you maintain custody of your funds. Yields are generated automatically through open-source, on-chain yield farming strategies.

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Earn passive stablecoin yields from some of the best protocols across all of DeFi


Use your CASH in farms across Polygon to generate additional yield on top or your daily rebase. Stay tuned for Satin coming soon to bring more usage and yield to CASH farms.